The days are long but the years are short…

Or so the saying goes when you are raising kids.  I never fully understood it until I had one of my own.  Looking at how quickly she is growing up, I’m constantly reminded to savor every moment, every snapshot of her in my mind.  She makes me appreciate the little things, the here and now.

Before I had a child, I used to get frustrated when families would not implement or reinforce therapy at home.  I’m sure those of you who are teachers out there have experienced similar frustration – with incomplete homework, parent no-shows at meetings, or limited reinforcement of new concepts at home.

Then, I had a child.  Out the window went my sense of schedule and balance.  And sleep.  Even remembering what the pediatrician said at our last appointment was a struggle, so I had to write down any important reminders.  I’m supposed to check for fluoride?  She needs what shot next time?  Don’t give her nuts until what age?

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