Library Time

Our local libraries are a great resource for families with kids.  In my area of Portland, the family storytimes cover all levels.  I attended the Baby Times with my daughter, where the librarian read books, sang songs, and blew bubbles.  My daughter outgrew those groups when she learned to walk, preferring to check out all the strollers in the room rather than listen to the patient librarian.  I stopped going to the library times for a little while, as I knew I couldn’t force the issue.  Instead, we immersed ourselves in the wonderful book area, checking out new books for weeks on end.  With the online renewal system, I never realized it was so easy to have a book for three, or six, or even nine weeks at a time!  You can read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” sooo many times in nine weeks!  (I was ready to return it at six weeks ;P)

My daughter returned to the library storytime groups once she was able to sit still (a little.)  She often goes weekly with our friend and her son.  We read at home daily, and it’s part of the pre-nap and pre-bedtime routine to read three or four books (or five, if she can convince us.)

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