Making a plan for writing

For a child to learn to express themselves with written language, they have to master several complex skills to transfer their thoughts and ideas to grammatically correct, cohesive sentences.  Along with synthesizing the motor aspect of writing, expressing language in written form is one of the most complex tasks your child will master.

In order to write, and write well, a child must :

  1. Make a plan for what they want to write
  2. Organize their thoughts in a logical manner
  3. Transfer those ideas to connected text
  4. Re-evaluate what they have written
  5. Make any changes
  6. Re-write for a  final product

Whew!  Sounds like a pretty complicated process, right?  And kids begin doing this in kindergarten and first grade?  And by fourth grade are required to have a level of mastery making them capable of interpreting school text and applying their analysis to written form? 

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