Meltdown #2,307


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Just when things seemed to be getting better, I’m reminded of my Asperger Syndrome. Last night there was a ladies event at our church. I was asked to run the child care with my 15 year old little sister for this Ladies Night. I did well, but once the event was over and I wanted to go home, I had a meltdown. A mild meltdown, but still a meltdown. 

We arrived and took the children over to the child care building. There were 5 kids. The youngest was about 2 and the oldest was about 10. Nothing I, Super-Babysitter, couldn’t handle with my trusty sidekick, Babysitter-in-Training. They played, we sat them down for a movie and a snack, and colored with them. We kept the chaos to a minimum, made sure no accidents occurred with the potty training two-year old, and I was giving my little sister little tips here…

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