Breathing through the behavior…

I’ve been working with one of my middle school students on recognizing when he’s about to have a meltdown and helping him take the steps to alleviate his stress. He’s been working on it for several years now, every since 4th grade meltdowns would leave him inconsolable and violent. Back then, he just couldn’t process what was happening around him quickly, and the language load of a teacher giving him instruction and discipline was too much. Slowly, though, we’ve been able to help him take control of his own impending meltdowns. He has learned to breathe, take breaks and remove himself from the situation, and come back and use some language to work through the process.
Even parents and professionals working with kids need to remind themselves to breathe sometimes. How we model this for our kids during stressful situations can go a long way towards helping them learn the strategies in their own life.
Take a look at this article about the benefits of teaching kids how to relaxhere… We all could use a little breathing time, no?

3 thoughts on “Breathing through the behavior…

  1. Talitha Arnold says:

    Dear Hillary,

    Great blog. You might be interested to know that at the United Church of Santa Fe, we begin every service by breathing in God’s peace, then God’s hope, then God’s love. I’ve had parishoners tell me they’ve used the practice when they’re going through hard times–in the hospital, sitting with an ailing child or parent, relationship break-up, etc.

    It’s good to know that great Arnold minds work in the same way! Love, Aunt Talitha


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