This is a great post on the importance of building routines into your child’s daily life.

The start of the new year can be a great time to create new routines at home for challenging times and difficult tasks especially as our sensory kids are moving into a time of core academic learning at school.  Most children do better with predictable schedules / routines and this is especially true for sensory kids – like those with anxiety disorder, sensory integration dysfunction, learning challenges, ADD/ADHD, obsessive/compulsive disorder, high-functioning autism, asperger’s syndrome, or other sensory challenges.  Creating some basic schedules and routines at home will support the structure they love and allow your time with your children to be as productive and relaxing as possible.

Start with solid morning and evening routines.  These two times of day tend to be consistently hard for sensory kids as they represent big transitions – one moving into school mode and one moving into rest/sleep mode.  Pay attention to what time…

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