Although I’m not a huge Dilbert fan, I found this comic so appropriate for the topic of executive function strategies.  Does this executive even know what the strategy is?

Have you ever heard the saying, “plan your work, then work your plan?”  For students with executive dysfunctions, this is difficult if not impossible to do.  These students are unable to organize their time and materials, and even if these things are organized for them, they aren’t able to approach a task in order to achieve the stated end.

One important ability which every student needs to learn is note-taking.  The act of writing/recording information, as well as hearing or seeing information, assists the student with retaining information.  Yet we don’t want our students to become stenographers, do we? (For those of you too young to remember, stenographers used a specialized set of symbols, called shorthand, to take down spoken words verbatim. …

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